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The optical acquisition is realized simultaneously to the frontal and sagittal full spine X-rays obtained from your existing radiological set-up.
BIOMOD™ 3S is compatible with your radiology system and therefore doesn’t imply any change in your clinical routine.

BIOMOD™ 3S patented software performs an automatic correction of patient’s sway during acquisition.
You obtain a complete 3D evaluation of the spine and the posture, and this in a minimum time input (average reconstruction time 5min).


Why choose BIOMOD™ 3S ?


  • For a better accuracy of clinical parameters

  • For a better surgery planning

  • To optimize the post-operative follow-up and evaluate surgical treatment efficiency

  • For a spine analysis in weight bearing position

  • To save time :2D radiological parameters are automatically extracted

  • For a better therapeutic evaluation and an improved productivity

  • To reduce the patient exposure to medical irradiation

Biomod 3S

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