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"The Faxitron is one of the great breakthroughs in breast cancer diagnosis in the past 10 years.  Through its exquisitely detailed magnification images, the Faxitron has expanded our understanding of breast pathophysiology, resulting in more accurate and complete diagnosis and better patient outcomes.  Every breast imaging practice should have access to this valuable tool"


Dr. Michael N. Linver, Co-Director of Mammography

University of New Mexico School of Medicine

The BioVision provides immediate verification of excised breast tissue margins. The BioVision raises the standard of care to new levels for patients undergoing surgical excision or biopsy procedures. Save time in the OR by x-raying the specimen intra-operatively. The image can be sent to mammography via PACS while the specimen is sent directly to pathology.


The CoreVision increases the standard of care for your patients by eliminating delays waiting for verification of core samples. With one touch of the button a successful biopsy procedure is confirmed and images can be instantly sent to multiple destinations without the need to interrupt mammography workflow.