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Superb sound quality for detecting vessels and flow

Summit Doppler vascular assessment Dopplers and probes provide outstanding sound quality and enhanced functionality for detecting and locating blood vessels and flow.

Summit Doppler provides a complete line of systems to perform the Ankle Brachial Index Exam (ABI Exam) to assist in the diagnosis of Peripheral Arterial Disease (P.A.D.). These advanced solutions fit any budget and enable the clinician to perform fast and efficient peripheral arterial exams.

ABI/Vascular Systems

Summit Doppler provides a complete line of Dopplers to fit your needs and budget. Click on the different models below or the index on the left to preview each model.

Hand-held Dopplers

Table-top Dopplers

The LifeDop L350R features a display, table-top Doppler with superior sound quality, extended battery life, enhanced probe sensitivity, user replaceable probe cable, interchangeable probes and a full warranty.

Sterilizable Probe

The LifeDopTM Sterilizable Probe for the detection of blood ow in both veins and arteries. This clinically tested 

probe is suitable for use in sterile elds. STERRAD® compatible for use with LifeDop Dopplers (model # L150, 

L150A, L150R, L250, L250R, L250AR & L350R only).