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SonixTablet is a compact ultrasound system with a 19” touch screen that can be mounted from the ceiling or wall to preserve floor space. It is a portable system with a built-in handle that makes it easy to position on any flat surface. An optional rolling case is available to protect the system and for easier transport from site to site. This unique system provides the same premium image quality as higher-end Ultrasonix models.



SonixTouch features a large, 10.4” color touch screen with a wide viewing angle.  Unlike traditional ultrasound machines, which have buttons and knobs for all possible procedures on display, the SonixTouch interface only displays the controls relevant to the procedure at hand. Select a factory preset for a particular type of exam or create one of your own.  The system’s touch screen makes it easy to further customize what you see on screen based on your preferences.  We’ll show you how.