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 Aixplorer 3D View

  • Light-weight system that is easily maneuverable.
  • Full range and independent height-adjustable control panel and monitor that can be tilted and moved to the desired position, thus accommodating scanning whether seated or standing.
  • Easy access to the system and its controls from every angle.
  • Intuitive control panel with integrated palm rest.
  • Interactive Touch Screen with touch sensitive onscreen keyboard to reduce repetitive movements.
  • Ease of use Macro Controls: includes Image Quality Optimization and Lesion Characterization Optimization
  • Innovative TouchRing™ for direct access to key ultrasound controls.
  • Small light-weight transducers with a palmar grip to encourage a neutral wrist position.
  • Slim, flexible transducer cables.
  • Flexible Transducer Cable Holder.
  • Transducer Connector Holders.